SUBJECT : Over 2,000 weaver birds counted in Odisha 


Over 2,000 weaver birds counted in Odisha

Altogether 2,470 weaver birds were spotted in the state during a one-day census carried out by the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) with the help of Wild Odisha and Kalinga Birds-Odisha Birds. Around 160 bird watchers, ornithologists, nature lovers and students were involved in the census across the state. 

"We camped at different places in the state, but excluded reserve forest, wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, said Pramod Dhal, ornithologist and chief organiser of Kalinga Birds-Odisha Birds.

Weaver birds are common across the state and have inspired many folk songs. "Though the bird is not an endangered species, its number is threatened by the large-scale clearing of big trees," added Dhal.

"Weaver birds are mainly found in areas where paddy is cultivated. Their seasonal movements are largely determined by paddy and cereal cultivation which provides nesting materials and food. They also eat insects. The birds look like ordinary sparrows with stout conical bills and are found in flocks. It is locally migrant. The nesting season of this bird is from May to September coincident with the monsoon and paddy cultivation," added Dhal.

The BNHS has taken up on the study as part of its common bird monitoring programme. "Direct sighting method has been followed for counting. Ornithologists and environmentalists will compile the reports within a few days and send them to the BNHS headquarters in Mumbai," said a noted ornithologist Dr Rajat Bhargava of BNHS over telephone.


Source: Times of India, 14.06.2016