SUBJECT : Plastic should not damage environment: Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu 


Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu today said plastic should be used in a way that it does not create environmental problems. 

"There is a potential for the use of plastic. It can be used in roads, tracks. But it should be used in a manner that it does not damage environment," Prabhu said while addressing the FICCI conference on plastic.

"We must evaluate possibility of using plastic without creating environmental problem," Prabhu said, emphasising on the environmental aspect. 

"There are reports that there is more plastic in the sea than fish. We should find ways how we can make use of plastic sustainable," he said. 

A knowledge and strategy paper on 'Sustainable Infrastructure with Plastics' was released on the occasion.

The paper notes that in the last decade, several new applications of plastic products have emerged in several sectors, boosting the industry further. 

Plastic industry is making contribution in various sectors, including automotive, construction, electronics, healthcare, textiles and FMCG.

Source: Business Standard, 23 February 2017