Status of Agriculture in Odisha

Agriculture in Odisha is the mainstay of majority of the populace and thus, holds the key to socio-economic development of the State. It suffers from frequent natural calamities like cyclones, drought and flash floods. The share of Agriculture Sector in the State’s GSDP has been declining over the years. The share of this Sector in Odisha’s GSDP is expected to be 15.6 percent in 2013-14 as per advance estimates. Despite wide annual variations in its growth, the agriculture sector grew in real terms at 2004-05 prices, at a rate of 12.72 percent during 2012-13. However, a negative growth of 3.53 percent is anticipated during 2013-14 due to cyclonic storm ‘Phailin’ and flash floods in the State in October 2013. This Sector still provides employment to more than 60% of the population directly or indirectly, making it the largest employment sector of the state. Hence, development in agriculture sector is vital to set the pace of development in the state.


State’s Agriculture

The climate of the State is tropical, characterized by high temperature, high humidity, medium to high rainfall and mild winters. The normal annual rainfall is 1,451.2 mm of which the South-West monsoon contributes about 80 percent. From the physiographic point of view, the State has been divided into four zones, viz (i) the Northern Plateau, (ii) the Eastern Ghat Zone, (iii) the Central Table Land, and (iv) the Coastal Zone. On the basis of climate, soil, rainfall and topography, the State has been delineated into ten Agro Climatic Zones. The State’s Agriculture Sector frequently suffers from natural calamities like cyclones, droughts and flash floods which substantially affect production and productivity of agriculture.


Consumption of Fertilizer


Source: Agricultural Statistics and Economic Survey