Odisha offers not only nature in all its glory with its beaches, rivers, waterfalls, hills, forests, wildlife and tribal life, but also a great tradition of architecture, monuments and sculptural art. Some of these monuments date back to the 3rd Century B.C. and are well preserved and are intact to this day. The entire length and breadth of the State is dotted with 4000 monuments and archeological sites. They include early Jaina Caves and temples; Budhist monasteries (Viharas), domes structures (Chaityas), and Pillars (Stupas); Hindu temples; mosques; churches; ancient and medieval forts, palaces and colonial architecture. Bhubaneswar is the Capital city of the modern state and the ancient Kingdom of Kalinga. It is also known as the Temple City of India. The main attractions in the city are: the Lingaraj Temple (built in 11 Century); Mukteswar Temple (built in 10th Century); the Rajarani Temple; Vaital Temple; Yogini Temple; the Parsurameswara Temple; the Svarnajaleswara temple; Dhauli, rock-cut Caves in hills of Kahndagiri and Udaygiri; Odisha State Museum; Tribal Research Institute’s Museum; Ekamra Kanan; Regional Science Centre; Pathani Samanta Planetarium; BDA Nicco Park; Nandan Kanan Zoological Park and Atri Hot Sulphur spring.

          Puri is the city by the sea and is a major pilgrim centre in India. It is also famous for its Golden Beach, ideal for swimming and surfing. Puri is also famous for the Jagannath Temple and annual Rath Yatra or Car Festival. Other tourist attractions are Vimala temple, Lakshmi temple, Vishnu temple, Anand Bazar (World’s biggest food market), Gundicha Ghar, Shri Loknath temple, the Grand road Bada Danda, Swargadwara, the Atharanala Bridge, Balighai Beach, the Sakshigopal temple, Satpada (ideal place to enjoy Chilika), Konark (Odisha’s best architecture temple) and Ramachandi temple.

          Cuttack is one of the Odisha’s oldest city. This is the best place to shop in the state. The main attractions are Barabati Fort, the Katak Chandi temple, Qadam-I-Rasool (Sacred to the Hindus as well as the Muslims). The Paramahansanath temple, the shrine of Goddess Charchika at Banki, Bhattarika, Mahavinayak temple at Chandikhol, Ansupa Lake (haven for migratory birds in winter) and Dhavaleswar.

          The main attractions of Jajpur district are the sacred Shrines of mother Goddess Viraja, Sveta Varaha and Sapta Matruka. Three hills namely Ratnagiri Lalitgiri and Udaygiri is a remarkable Budhist Complex.

          Paradeep is a major sea port of India for trade activities with a fine sea beach located in Jagatsighpur district. The shrine of Goddess Sarala is also a important tourist attraction.

          Bhitarkanika National Park is an important tourist attractions for having a variety of animals and migratory birds.

Taptapani (hot sulphur spring) and Jaugarh (famous for Asokan Rock edicts) are located in Berhampur.

Spread over 1100 sq.km., Chilika is the Country’s largest inland lake. Dotted with islands, it has the richest variety of aquatic fauna and is a bird watcher’s paradise when migratory birds arrive in winter. Sunset and sunrise are memorable experiences here.

2750 sq.km Similipal National Park in Mayurbhanj district is one of eighteen Tiger Reserves of India. Apart from more than 95 tigers, it is also the home of many wild animals including leopards, elephants and reptiles like the mugger crocodiles. Besides, it has 231 species of birds. The forest is full of hills and waterfalls. The Barehipani waterfall is 399 meters high.

  The main attractions in Dhenkanal district are Kapilas (the serene hill of epic fame houses the hilltop shrine of Lord Shiva); Joranda (headquarters of Mahima Cult); Saptasajya (hill of uncommon scenic charm); Tiakapara Gharial Sactuary; and Deulijhari hot spring.

Chandipur is a peaceful sea side resort where the sea recedes and proceeds 5 Km everyday located in Balasore. Other places of tourist interest are Remuna, Panchlingeswar, Aradi and Chandaneswar.

Keonjhar district attracts tourists for Vishnu temple, Jagannath temple, Siddha Jagannath, Siddha Kali, Panchbati, Sanghagara water fall, Badaghagara waterfall, Khandadhar waterfall, Ghatagaon Goddess Tarini etc.

In Rayagada, Hatipathar (great scenic beauty with waterfalls) and Minajhola (a scenic spot and confluence point of three rivers) are the main tourist spots.

Bhawanipatna is famous for different cities of Hindu pantheon like Bhawanishankar, perennial waterfall Phurli Jharan, the historic fort Asurgarh, Karlapat (known for charming wildlife) and the Ampani Hills (view point for colorful wildlife and prehistoric cave paintings).

Tourist spots in Phulbani district are namely Goddess Barala Devi temple at Balaskumpa, Shiva temple at Chakapad, Lord Charisambhu temple, Daringibadi (Known as Kashmir of Odisha) and dense forest Belghar (place for viewing colourful wildlife).

Hypaethral temples at Ranipur-Jharials, Harishankar on Gandhamardan hills and mountains at Patnagarh are the main attraction sites in Bolangir.

Charming waterfall Duduma, scenic spot with the cave shrine of Lord Shiva Gupteswar, Shiva temple with Champak trees at Papadhandi and Batris Simhasan at Nandapur are important tourist interest places in Jeypore.

Ushakothi Wildlife Sanctuary, Huma’s Leaning temple, Nrusimhanath 9temples with waterfalls) and waterfalls at Pradhanpat are the main attractions of Sambalpur.

Besides, Odisha is also a choice for her colourful fairs and festivals such as Lok Mahatsava, Makarmela, Parab, Maghamela, Mahasivaratri, Dola, Taratarini mela, Ashokastami, Chaitra Parba, Sitalasathi, Rathyatra, Durga Puja, Lakshmi Puja, Beach festival, Baliyatra, Konark festival and Dhanu Yatra.

Odisha State is also known for its exquisite handicrafts. Some of them are Silver filigree, horn work, Patachitra, metalware, stoneware and Applique work.




Following is the District wise data of Odisha State

Heritage sites

Raibania in Balasore District

Potagarh in Ganjam District

Amathgarh and Talaguda in Kalahandi District

Junagarh in Sundargarh District

Konark in Puri District

Cuttack in Cuttack District

Tourist Beaches

Chandipur, Talasari, Chowmukha Dagar, Udaypur   and Kasaphal in Balasore District

Aryapalli, Gopalpur and Pati Sonapur in Ganjam District

Paradeep in Jagatsinghpur District

Puri, Konark, Balighai, Ramchandi, Beleswar, Baliharachandi and Jahania, Astaranga in Puri

Archaeological Monuments

Ranipur-Jharial in Bolangir District

Niali Madhab, Paramhansa, Lalitgiri and Barabati Fort in Cuttack District

Saranga and Kualo in Dhenkanal District

Vikramkhol in Jharsuguda District

Hirapur, Dhauli, Khandgiri and Udaygiri Banpur and Khurda in Khurda District

Ratnagiri & Udayagiri, Chhatia and Jajpur in Jajpur District

Yogimatha and Budhikomna in Nuapada District

Puri, Konark, Kuruma, Brahmagiri, Manikpatna, Baliharachandi, Sakhigopal, Chaurasi and Kakatpur in Puri District

Ayodhya and Remuna in Balasore District

Buguda and Kulad in Ganjam District

Jhankad in Jagatsinghpur District

Paralakhemundi and Mahendragiri in Gajapati District

Boudh in Boudh District

Nrusinghnath in Bargarh District

Aradi, Bhadrakali Temple (Bhadrak), Guamal Nuasasa in Bhadrak District

Thuamul-Rampur in Kalahandi District

Kendrapara and Aul in Kendrapara District

Kosaleswar in Keonjhar District

Sambalpur and Huma in Sambalpur District

Padmapur and Suai Koraput District

Nandapur and Suai in Koraput District

Papadahandi in Nabarangpur District

Khiching in Mayurbhanj District

Kantilo in Nayagarh District


Khuludi and Deuljhari in Angul District

Pradhanpat in Deogarh District

Phurlijharan in Kalahandi District

Putudi in Kandhmal District

Badaghagara, Sanghagara, Khandadhar and Hadagarh in Keonjhar District

Atri in Khurda District

Taptapani in Ganjam District

Duduma in Koraput District

Deokund in Mayurbhanj District

Tarabhalo in Nayagarh District

Khandadhar and Miriglotah in Sundargarh District

Religious Places

Hingulapitha in Angul District

Harisankar, Yogisarada, Patnagarh, Saintala in Bolangir District

Ayodhya, Bardhanpur, Bhusandpur, Chandaneswar, Kupari, Langaleswar, remuna, Sajanagarh, tripisagadia in Balasore District

Gaisima and Nrusinghnath in Bargarh District

Aradi, Aharpada (Bhadrakali), Dhamnagar, Guamalnuasasan. Iswarpur (Dappanaikani) in Bhdrak

Charisambhu in Boudh District

Banki, Bhattarika, Chhapachikana, Dhabaleswar, Kukudiapada, Kukudanga, Nemal, Niali Madhab, Paramhansa and Simhanath in Cuttack District

Kapilasand Joranda in Dhenkanal District

Mahendragiri in Gajapati District

Buguda, Kulad, Mahurikalua, Mantridi, Narayani and Taratarini in Ganjam District

Garh Kujanga (Kunjabehari Matha), Jhankad in Jagatsinghpur District

Baruneswarpitha, Chandikhol, Chhatia, Gokarnika, Jajpur, Kuransa, Mahabinayak, Satyapira, Singhapur, and Vyassarobar (Jajpur road) in Jajpur District

Belkhandi, Kusurla, Sapagaranda in Kalahandi District

Balaskumpa, Chakapada in Kandhamal District

Aul, Kendrapra, tamalsasan in Kendrapara District

Deogaon, Ghatagaon, Gonasika, Murga Mahadev, Podasingidi, Rajanagarand Sarei (Keshari kunda) in Keonjhar District

Banapur, Barunei, bhusandpur, Gadamanatri, Kosalasuni Thakurani pitha in Khurda

Gupteswar in Koraput District

Samibrukshya and Khiching in Mayurbhanj District

Budhikomna, patalganga in Nuapada District

Kelia, Papadahandi and Umerkote in nabarangpur District

Odagaon, Jamupatna, Kantilo, Ranpur, Sarankul in Nayagarh District

Baliharachandi, Biswanath Hill, Brahmagiri, Chjaurasi, Jahaniapira, Kakatpur, Ramachandi, Satyabadi and Baral Balunkeswar Pitha in Puri District

Padmapur in Rayagada District

Chipilima, Huma in Sambalpur District

Binika (papakshyaghat) and Kotasamalai (Patali Jagannath pith) in Sonepur District

Ghogar and Vedyas in Sundargarh District

Religious Centres

Puri, Konark in Puri District

Bhubaneswar in Khurda District

Scenic Area

Bulajahr, Handapa-Patrapada, Rengali and Tikarpada in Angul District

Goikhai M.I.P. and Turekela in Bolangir District

Panchalingeswar in Balasore District

Devadarah and papanga in Bargarh District

Dhamara in Bhadrak District

Amageikuka, Naraj, Satakosia in Cuttack District

Ramial and Saptasajya in Dhenkanal District

Harabhangi in Gajapati District

Huma-Kantiagada, Nirmaljhar and Taptapani in Ganjam District

Ashokjhar in Jajpur District

Gujapahar, Pikalghugar and Kuilighugar in Jharsuguda District

Ampani, Jakam, Mardiguda, Rabandarh and Thuamul-Rampur in Kalahandi District

Daringibadi in Kandhamal District

Gundichaghai, Hadagarh, Kanjipani and Sarai (Kesharikunda) in Keonjhar District

Mandangiri, Salia dam and Barbera Hills in Khurda District

Deomali, Duduma (Machhakunda), Jalaput, Suai, Sunabeda in Koraput District

Balimela, Chtrakonda, Motu, Rajarani Bandha and Satiguda in Malkangiri District

Bhimkund and Samibrukshya in Mayurbhanj District

Patora, Sindursil and Thipakhol in Nuapada District

Barmul, Kuturi, Kuanria in Nayagarh District

Bissamkatak, Chatikona, Devagiri, Hatipathar, Minajhola, Niyamgiri Hills in Rayagada District

Guduguda and Hirakud in Sambalpur District

Chhatri Hill, Darjeeing, Deodarah, Mandira and Ushakothi in Sundargarh

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